About us

This is Medinsa

We consider ourselves a competent and versatile player in the production of highly effective and sophisticated pharmaceuticals. The numerous pharmaceutical forms that make up our diverse portfolio include film-coated, orally disintegrating and effervescent tablets, multiparticulate pharmaceutical forms (MUPS) and various capsule formulations. 

In addition to our expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing, we set ourselves apart from the competition with know-how in product development, analytics and customer-focused order management. 

We stand for excellence and expertise – from product development and manufacturing to packaging and final shipment of goods.

Our role within the Aristo Pharma Group

Aristo Pharma was founded in 2008 from the merger of various traditional German pharmaceutical companies, some of whose roots go back to 1875. 

Today, Aristo Pharma’s core business is the production of sought-after active substances in the generics market – these usually marketed under its own brand. The independent production sets the group apart from most German pharmaceutical suppliers. Besides this, the broad range of prescription and over-the-counter medicines extends from tried-and-tested herbal medicines to modern medical products and aids.

The composition of the Aristo Pharma Group is as diverse as its product portfolio: In addition to the company headquarters in Berlin and our logistics centre in Osterweddingen, our group comprises a total of five production sites – in Hilden, Wernigerode, twice in the German capital Berlin and in Madrid. This makes Aristo Pharma stand out as one of the few providers in Germany that manufacture their medicines predominantly in Germany or Europe.

Together with the twelve distribution sites throughout Europe, the company can draw on the expertise of around 1,500 employees. They all make a valuable contribution to the success of the Aristo Pharma Group’s mission: the reliable and affordable supply of high-quality medicines.

As Aristo Pharma's first production site outside Germany, Medinsa underlines the international orientation of the entire group of companies. Our outstanding expertise lies in the production and development of medicinal products with modified release of active ingredients. Exemplary for this is the advanced pilot plant of drug development. Here, we can easily and safely scale up from small-scale production to large-scale industrial production. 

Medinsa then and now

Our history

In 1972, Laboratorios Andrómaco, founded in Madrid, relocated to Torrejón de Ardoz. The new pharmaceutical plant later became Medinsa. The initial products included throat lozenges and Pepticum (omeprazole capsules). Seven years later, Grünenthal GmbH bought 40 per cent of the company’s shares.

In 1988, products for third-party customers were manufactured at the site for the first time. In 1993, all the shares of Andrómaco were acquired by Grünenthal.

Medinsa was officially founded in 1999. The Spanish subsidiary of the Grünenthal Group now focused on the development and manufacturing of oral pharmaceutical forms. In 2004, a modernisation and expansion process began, which took several years. This process was overseen by Joachim Teubner, who is still the Managing Director of Medinsa today.

Laboratorios Andrómaco 1974

In 2011, after the completion of the modernisation works, the site was taken over by Aristo Pharma. Two years later, the company made a groundbreaking investment in the production of pellets. 

In 2018, the company premises were expanded by 2,000 square metres. This resulted in a modern, fully air-conditioned finished goods warehouse, from which Medinsa’s customers are supplied today.

In 2021, a new wastewater treatment plant was installed to meet the global goal of sustainable development and production. 

In 2022/2023, Medinsa installed a photovoltaic system with an installed capacity of 600 kWp, which currently covers 20 per cent of the energy demand.